‘De Nihilo Nihil’ – Nothing comes from nothing

Expression is an element, ‘Sui Generis’, which is a part of a human being and therefore part of his Artistic Creation.

I am a curious painter who likes to create mixed media paintings that oscillate between the representational and the abstract.
My process begins with a practice of small observational life drawings often capturing my own mood or feelings and psychology
of the sitter.
What follows in the studio is a transformative process:
by enlarging these pieces, I move deeper into work’s interiority.
The results are large-scale pieces, sometimes provocative images which express human condition:
loneliness, fear of time and space, mental and physical agony, misplacement…
Sometimes, figure escapes from my paintings all together leaving empty spaces to became new paintings, creating new life on its own.
I enjoy bringing dramatic contrasts to my works is using a variety of mediums to build texture including sand, plaster, resin etc.