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Collection of abstract artworks

Abstract Vivid: My intermezzo Period/paintings exploring movement using mainly primary colours. Inspired by exploding stars, the universe, kites, spring and new beginnings (2015-2017). - Red Abstract paintings on canvas were inspired by Pablo Neruda’s poem: ‘If you forget me’ works created from 2018-2019 - Abstract Green: These paintings were inspired by the tranquillity in Kenwood forest using an earthy palette, textures, mixed media: acrylic, sand, resin (2017-2018). - Abstract Monochrome: These paintings started from looking into the simplicity and beauty of the patterns inside of the stone itself and its microcosm. Later they developed into Empty Spaces series of paintings (2016-2017).

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    • Acrylic
    • Mix media
    • Painting
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